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In essence, I am an artist, fascinated with seeing the divine in all things.

Like each and every one of us, I have undergone trials that have ushered in victories over the shadows lurking around and within me. But I have also sought to understand the deeper challenges of how to integrate profound defeats into a grander, superlative portrait of life in the world.

And I have come to see all of this as sacred work.

My art—in whatever form it takes—aims to reach in and touch upon the soul, the essential part of us who comes into the world full of potential and possibility, evoking the great mysteries of love as the ultimate source and purpose of all life, its healing and strength.

May what I share with you in these pages impart to you some sign of recognition that the trails we are traveling upon are all leading up the sides of one magnificent mountain, abundantly rich in its splendor. We must never give up, only surrender to that greater force that is always present and ready to uplift us.