Writer - Musician - Teacher

In essence, I am an artist, fascinated with seeing the divine in all things.

Throughout my life, I have been compelled to document the path of the soul through time. It is through time and our journey upon earth that we experience the lessons that ultimately lead us to higher realms of love and awareness.

I woke up to a glorious morning in the sunlit world of consciousness, and walked out into the clean day with a renewed sense of freedom and connectedness to the sacred earth, which shone like a brilliant god.”
from Neale Lundgren’s “The Night When Sleep Awoke” in Boyhood, Growing Up Male. A Multicultural Anthology.
Edited by Franklin Abbott
Neale Lundgren is a friend of the gods & the earth. His great intelligence can increase our own. And his love, well … can aid any wing in it’s great desire to taste the higher regions of the sky.”
from Daniel Ladinsky, international best-selling Penguin author of poetry
Poet of the Soul

My writing speaks of every self who comes into the world full of possibility. Each must learn how to counteract the despair of hurts through love. The trails we are all traveling upon lead up the sides of one magnificent mountain, rich in its splendor. We must never give up, only surrender to a greater, loving force.

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Composer of the Soul

Music is my primary language. It erupts from my heart and soul to paint the landscape from which I came and the territory to which I will return. It was out of love that my first notes of music sprang forth. I felt as if the ecstatic energy of love – the joy and sorrow of finding it – seized me for its expression in the world, through melody and song.

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Mentor of the Soul

I see myself more as a mentor, than a teacher. I help individuals develop their inner and outer potentials and to see our everyday life in the world as sacred work. I follow the alchemical model, one that utilizes the conversation of presence, music, reflective reading and writing in the transformation process.

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