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My approach to writing is simple: I write from within. My writing desires to make the sacred accessible, to bring the metaphysical into daily life and extract the essence of the perennial wisdom, as it applies to our present world. The extraordinary waits to be found in the most ordinary circumstances.

    • Metaphysics is the sum of all principles that give rise to being & time.
    • Perennial wisdom is the living body of universal knowledge.
    • The inner life is cultivated by the development of higher awareness and love.
    • Human existence is the way we come to know and experience all of these.



I began my writing career as a professional songwriter for an American Roots Music group called Manchild, recording with Capitol Records.

With song in my head
got on a hound bound
for silver and gold.
I hit the ground,
all I found was a thousand holes.
I fell to the bottom of nowhere,
no silver, no gold,
only the smile of a lady’s goodbye . . .

Later, I entered a Benedictine Monastery and continued songwriting that documented my years spent as monk in the Minnesota North country. There I was introduced to the poetic language of the mystics, who described the inner journey of the soul as it makes its way through the world.

Pulsing earths ready,
wet moons pulling up,
leafless shoots steady
web a holy cup . . .
time of the harvest
is the lover’s time.
Inhale the bouquet,
the birches unpeeled,
behold, they convey
what once lay concealed . . .
time of the harvest
is the lover’s time.
The dying begins,
much more the living,
like transparent skins
around trees reviving . . .
time of the harvest
is the lover’s time.

After leaving the monastery I entered a doctoral program at Emory University in Georgia, learning the language of thesis and analysis in the areas of philosophy, psychology, and religion. My doctoral dissertation was entitled Breaking Down The Neurotic-Psychotic Artifice. The Subversive Function of Myth in Goethe, Nietzsche, Rilke and Walter Benjamin.

Completing my doctoral studies, I began post-graduate work in the clinical area of addiction, researching the effects of spiritual awareness on recovering persons who were following the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and engaged in transforming their lives from within. During this time I published articles in the field of psychology and spirituality, culminating in a book — The Materialization of Spirituality, published by the Institute where I functioned in the capacity of spiritual director.

After my tenure there, I took up experiential studies in meditation under the perennial wisdom scholar and yogi, Dr. Thomas Hickey. My training under him culminated in a book — Across the Fiery Threshold that explores the mystical states and stages of consciousness. It is an esoteric work that I utilize in my teaching, but remains unpublished, awaiting the appropriate time.

In more recent years, I’ve been engaged with writing mystical poetry and with setting the verse of Hafiz and Rumi (specifically the transliterations of Daniel Ladinsky) to rhymed verse and song.

I have written an introduction and contributed a piece — “Intuition & Truing,” for a book edited by D.E. Stevens called Meher Baba’s Gift of Intuition. 15 Essays.

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I have just completed a novoir (a fictive memoir), a teaching tale delineating the long adventure of the embodied soul on the path of love. I cannot reveal its real title until published.

Adventures on the Path of Love. Volume 1

Audio Excerpt from Writings

I have also begun collaboration with a colleague, Deborah Quibell, on a book of mystical poems of aspiration whose purpose is to show the beginning stages of higher consciousness and affection entitled Tonight, the Ancient Door. Poems of Higher Love & Longing.

Audio Version of Poem

How Long You Have Traveled

The wise say that when angels appear
It is a trick to distract the true seeker
As when Hafiz turned his gaze from Gabriel.
But what if Love were to appear in disguise?
Would it not be a greater sin to shun such a guest?
How long you have traveled outside your cell
to join with love in so many forms.
But here, on this morning, I have come to you
to take my seat at the center of your stillness
as if it was my home, my garden, my playground.You had no furniture in your room of golden light,
no chair, no bed in that place of absolute quiet,
void of the curve and tinkling of bells.
There, no need to listen for the footstep of your shapely beloved
in your bliss-filled chamber of aloneness.Now it is different.
I have come and taken my place
where only yourself and God have dwelt.
I have brought a lamp, a couch, an exquisite rug,
a brush to paint your walls bright with colors of morning.

You did not see me bathing with you in the Ganges
when you made your thousand devotions,
that day you dipped your beads into sacred water
thinking you were alone.
You did not see where I was swimming, naked and pure.

I was in the prayer beads around your neck,
like a bird in an egg, ready to crack open,
from that private place in your heart when the right time came.
My love has flown to you who sincerely longed for love.
My love has eaten all the seeds fallen from your necklace of sorrow.

© copyright 2011


There are two sequels to my novoir on the path of love, outlines have been written for both and several chapters have been composed for the first sequel.

Adventures on the Path of Love. Volume 2

Audio Excerpt from Writings

Adventures on the Path of Love. Volume 3

Audio Excerpt from Writings

These five 19th-20th century figures are pivotal and paradigm-breaking writers: Rainer Maria Rilke – for his poetry that explores the sacramental character of the earth, Friedrich Nietzsche – for his philosophy of human transformation, Carl Jung – for his psychology of the collective unconscious, D.H. Lawrence – for his pioneering explorations into the spiritual dimension of erotic union and Ralph Waldo Emerson – for his groundbreaking contribution to the pollination of Eastern thought on American soil.




D. H. Lawrence

Ralph Waldo Emerson